Automatic Photo Delivery
Automatic Photo Delivery

Automatic Photo Delivery

CEIVA connected frames work automatically, downloading new pictures every day. This is what makes a CEIVA awesome. There are no logins or passwords; new pictures magically appear right in the middle of your kitchen, bedroom and living room.

How do the photos get to the CEIVA frame? The CEIVA frame connects with WiFi. Every day the CEIVA frame will make a connection to your CEIVA account and automatically display new pictures sent from your phone - or from your family and friends.

Just set it up and forget it.

Set up

Create free account

Create a free account online

This is where you'll safely store all your pictures. Want help? Don't worry! Our U.S.-based Customer Care team can set up your account right over the phone.


Connect your frame

Using the included remote, select "CONNECTION WIZARD" in the menu and follow the instructions to connect to your WiFi. You'll need your WiFi password. When you're done, hit the "CONNECT" button to get your pictures automatically.


Enjoy your new pictures!

That's it, you're good to go! You can set your frame to receive pictures as often as you like. Every time new pictures arrive, the blue light will let you know. Our customers love the blue light, but they simply adore seeing their pictures!

Automatic Photo Delivery
Automatic Photo Delivery

Customize & Create


Customize photos

Personalizing your photos with stickers, text, messages, borders and filters is easy too! You can do this online, or use the CEIVA Snap app on your smart phone or tablet when you're on the go.


Schedule delivery days

You can schedule pictures to arrive at a specific time for that special surprise or message. Send a single photo, or select a whole bunch to be delivered over a period of time.


Additional content and channels

Interested sports updates? Local weather or news? How about the History Channel or recipes? Your CEIVA has a whole bunch of interesting channels that refresh daily.

Automatic Photo Delivery

The best gift ever.
Even if it's for yourself.
We guarantee it.

The CEIVA frame comes with everything you need:
  • A CEIVA Share Digital frame
  • One Year of CEIVA's Award Winning Picture Sharing Service*
  • Toll-free access to our Friendly Customer Service Staff
  • Quickstart guide, Remote control, Power cord
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